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Multicultural Ministries Connect

Sep 22, 2018

In this Multicultural Ministries Connect podcast with Brocc Chavis, you will hear Scott and Liane Grant discuss the French Literature Cooperative. Learn more about the Multicultural Ministries by visiting

For free PDF downloads of apostolic French resources, visit the French Literature Cooperative website 

To purchase French Literature Cooperative books on Amazon –use this link: 

To donate to the UPCI Ministerial Reading Translation Project, contact Rev. Bill Price, Quebec District Secretary, at: 

If you are interested in getting involved in the ministry of written English to French translation, contact Liane Grant at: 

If you would like to support Scott and Liane Grant, Metro Missionaries to Quebec, use this link for a one-time donation: 

If you would like to become a monthly partner, contact Miranda Carter at UPCI North American Missions, at: